Getting Fat with Titín,  Seoul,  South Korea

Getting Fat with Titín – Episode 1

Hiiiiiii! Oh my God *Janice mode: on* OHHHH MYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Not sure whether I should introduce myself in this post as it is my first English post, but…I am planning to translate everything…mmmm O TTO KEEEEE.

Something characteristic about me is that I usually rumble around and I never have a specific point and my readers have no idea what I’m talking about. Actually, I don’t even know why people read me in the first place…aaaaaaaaaaanyway.

Welcome to the first episode of Titín Round Korea.

Both of us, Eli and me, are way too nervous, too anxious, we have tons of expectations AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We really hope you enjoy the video

I have so many things to say (and Taemin shouting It’s my showtime in the background is making me more nervous…WHY TAEMIN, WHY…STUPID AND SEXY TOOYOUNGFORMEBUTIDONTCARE KOREAN BOY), but considering that this project has just started and from today we won’t have time to do anything besides writing, translating, shooting, taking photographs, organizing EVERY SINGLE DAY, I can’t allow me the pleasure of just randomly talking and writing. From now on I shall have a point.

Own mind conversation:

Angie1: A point? Seriously? A POINT? How is that even possible?

Angie930489023: I don’t have the slightest idea!! *runs around the brain office throwing papers in the air*

Angie2323: What is “a point”?

Angie5: I think it is something like a…concrete idea…like…you start talking about something and that’s the only thing you talk about. Just one thing.

*awkward silence*

Angie390: what? WHAT?

*she just realized she’s been rumbling around and stops as if nothing has happened*


For this first episode we went to The 분식,


a hidden treasure of Hondae. Why did we decide to go to this little restaurant? Because it is toooooo yummy AND cheap.

We didn’t have any idea about what we were going to order but just waited for the Korean ajumma’s advice, which was a great decision

Something typical about Korea is that…wait… I’ve been saying this so often, I should make a list like “something typical about Korea – The list”

*puts some nerd glasses on and writes it on a notebook*

Something typical about Korea is that when you go to a restaurant with your friends (or boyfriend, or whatever,) you order lots of different dishes and then share them all together. Which is ideal for fatminded people like me. I LOVE FOOD SO MUUUCH.


The menu

주먹밥 – ju mok bap – Rice balls.


I just LOVE it. I don’t know if it is the seasoning or what but it is just delicious…I PASSIONATELY LOVE IT.

*reporter voice mode: ON* Basically, 주 먹 means “fist” and 밥 means “rice”. Thus, we are dealing with nothing more and nothing less than…RICE FIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSTTTTTT YEEEAAAAAH.

As you will see on the video, what you get on the restaurants is a bowl with rice and sea weed, and a glove so you can make your own balls…with your fist…ISN’T IT COOL? *screams while shaking her arms* ISN’T IS JUST FUCKING AMAZING!?!? KOREA FIGHTIIIING

파주 군만두 – paju gunmandu, korean dumplings.



Dumplings are the word! (?) That phrase is really old, isn’t it? I need to improve my English slang.


Instant correction by an English speaking friend: “— we would say “Dumplings are the bomb”

Dumplings are the best thing ever. Yes, yes, I am a wild pig under starvation mode who loves food and she happens to be in Korea where everything is delicious…and…and…WHY…OH MY GOD…YOU CAN JUST LEAVE ME ALONE KOREA.

There are many kinds of dumplings…as there are many kinds of everything…WHY KOREA WHYYY. In this occasion, we ate fried rice dumplings, which, of course, were delicious. I don’t even know why I am doing this. JUST COME TO KOREA AND EAT.

And last, but definitely not least,

쫄면 – jjolmyeon


As Hyo explains on the video, 쫄 means “elastic”. So, yes, we dived ourselves in a bowl of amazing sticky noodles.

Ok. I admit it, we actually had 쫄면 안매운맛, which is the not-spicy version.

Be sure to learn that phrase! 안매운맛 , pronunciation: “an mae un mat”, meaning: “not spicy”.

*not sure whether she should say that the food is delicious because…everything is delicious. OH GOD WHERE IS MY FOOD*

Yes…yes…it was delicious indeed. It is just a bowl with noodles and some fresh veggies but the sauce…that’s what makes the difference. Even though we didn’t have the original sauce, the one we ate was amazing. It is a bit sour, sweet, and spicy, ALL IN ONE.

Yes, the not-spicy version is still a bit spicy, because you know…KOREA. 

Ok. I will start the summing up so you can enjoy the video. Just a few more things

Something typical about Korea

  • When you go out to eat with friends, you all order different dishes and then share.
  • Water is for free
  • Everything is self-service. The cutlery, the sauces, napkins.
  • You will always get free soup with your meal.
  • You  can have refill of all the side dishes such as kimchi.

We need your help 🙂

This is like a pilot kind of thing, so any opinions, suggestions, or whatever you fill like telling us and helping us improve, are more than welcome!

Kamsahabnida! ^^